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A locum doctor is a physician holding a temporary job at any medical facility. They are ‘freelance doctors’ who can choose to work when they want at locations of their preference contrary to working in a specific hospital/clinic. The job of Locum Doctors is quite interesting as they get ample exposure to a wide range of clinical environments, people and locations. In most of the hospitals, more than 50% of doctors work as locum who receive high pay rates and this creates a great demand for the job.

Pulselife, knowing the pulse of this emergency medical substitution need, recruits and supplies locum doctors and allied healthcare staff for requirements ranging from one shift to long term contracts.

We have qualified and highly professional doctors in our database to handle emergency situations dexterously. The service of Locum doctors are needed everywhere - in Accident & Emergency, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Radiology, Surgery, Anaesthetics, Consultation and Psychiatry departments.

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