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The pivotal role of an Occupational Therapist is to mentor people with unbalanced mental, physical or social abilities. The job demands extreme patience and a strong will to cope with the varying mental makeup of patients. Occupational Therapists help to improve their self esteem and do their daily tasks independently thereby increasing their sense of accomplishment. As the work of an OT covers all age groups, there is a great demand for skilled Occupational Therapists who can work with a holistic perspective. We have been providing Healthcare services to several private/public sector organizations along with NHS.

We have a strong database on the best people for allied healthcare services and well-qualified Occupational Therapists are a sure promise from our side. Occupational Therapists or Occupational Therapy Assistants can contribute immensely to hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres, home care programmes, special schools and private enterprises.

We understand and analyse client problems correctly. This makes us place our members in the fitting environments according to their specialisation to suit different client needs.

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