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We know that dedication is another name for Nursing and Care. We have a proud list of qualified nursing and healthcare assistants who are willing face any demanding situation. A nurse has multiple roles to fulfill - from understanding the patients’ health conditions properly to recovery assistance. As patients and health conditions differ, this becomes a truly demanding job in hospitals, primary care centres, surgery rooms, theatres etc.

Healthcare assistants are another group of carers who usually become the communicators between the medical staff and the patient’s relatives. Both jobs need patience, dedication and positivity in character.

Pulselife is trusted to be a reliable source of Nursing and Healthcare staff provider across UK. Aided with experienced consultants, we work 24x7 which makes us able to place suitable nursing and care staff at any location, anytime you need. Emergency situations don’t come asking for anyone’s consent. We are, therefore, ready to meet urgent requirements for both temporary and permanent postings.

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